Four Wheel Alignment

Four-wheel alignment



R&D Automotive alignment program allows live measurement of front and rear toe, thrust angle, camber and caster on all 4 wheels and print off diagnostics for your service records.


Four-wheel alignment is becoming more important as Car become more complex with precise set up becoming more important for the car to operate and feel correctly. Unfortunately with  state of many roads with numerous pot holes it does not take long for the wheel alignment to become unset.


With the overall quality of cars improving drastically over the last 20 years, many cars which historically would have become end of life are now still being driven; these are prone to the wearing of various bushes, ball joints and track rod ends, all of these are  not only deteriorates the driving experience  it additionally can wear your tyres much quicker making acurate wheel alignment paramount today.

Whether you want dealer specification set up or track day or race set up and corner weight setup we have the race knowledge and expertise to deal with your every need.

R & D 4 wheel alignment can cope with every sort of designed wheel up to 24 inch circumference giving dealer level diagnosis and adjustment.


We offer the newest electronic wheel alignment facilities guaranteeing you have the best and correct setup for your car.


Why not book in for a full four wheel alignment today consider adding it to your next service…