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Buyers Guide 987 Porsche

2005 – 2012

Pre Purchase Inspections

Buying a Porsche 987 we highly recommend have a pre inspection to find the right car

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The Porsche 987 Boxster introduced from 2005 to 2010. A fabulous drivers car and very affordable for the kudos of owning a Porsche


I will highlight the most common aspects to look for on a pre-inspection of your vehicle

  1. Once again make sure the vehicle is good specialist and dealer history this is the barebones of the good looked after the vehicle!
  2. MOT past history to see what work has been carried out on the vehicle and been left!
  3. Coil springs check for broken, ride height differences, clunking when turning lock to lock
  4. Power steering pressure pipes crimping for corrosion, this can be seen through the offside front wheel arch when on full right lock
  5. Coolant pipe couplings corrosion usually starts with a leak and can end up dropping front subframe I’ll be a costly repair
  6. AC check system is working correctly problems are damaged condenses in the front bumper joints where pipes are bolted together they do sometimes corrode and leak
  7. RMS or rear main oil seal this is a leak from behind the flywheel and leaves an oil leak in the centre of the car this can become very costly repair
  8. IMS Bearing failure. Check it has been replaced this could be a problem if you tried to sell again! These are unusual to go on later models as the standard factory fitted bearing was upgraded and re-located to inside the crankcase in 2006. So be aware on 2005 models!
  9. Uneven tire Where, these vehicles should be four wheeled aligned every two years stated in the porch maintenance plan manual as it is an aluminium suspension and can move over time
  10. Check breaks the disks to check corrosion on the inside of the desk as this is more apparent than looking through the wheels especially if the vehicles have been stood!
  11. Excessive smoke on start-up! As the 987 doesn’t really suffer from both scoring still good to check!
  12. Cabriolet roof operation and rear window demister works correctly and obvious wear and tear on canvas roof
  13. Check the vehicle has two keys and both alarm key heads operate as this

could be costly to purchase and code to vehicle

  1. Corroded brake pipes over the gearbox to the other caliper and front of the rear brake pipes on the plastic sill covers on the nearside to front
  2. Check the check engine lights on high money for vehicles, chains can stretch involve time you can move a very costly repair
  3. Check behind driver and passenger seats for wet carpet this will indicate that drains are blocked and water ingress coming into vehicle could create alarm problems and battery drains or more serious!

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Production Numbers Porsche 986

Model year Production Notes
Total Non US/Canada US/Canada
1992 5,353 *3,913 1,440 * 1 Red Turbo RS
1993 3,783 *2,701 1,082 * 1 Yellow & 1 Blue Turbo RS, 16 Turbo S
1994 2,484 *965 1,519 * 1 Black Turbo RS,
1995 1,156 532 624
Total 12,776 8,111 4,665  Of these, 4,389 were convertibles, of which 2,248 were exported to the US

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